Vision Tap

Vision Tap is a collection of vision-related procedures intended to be used as part of a Vision Therapy program. Vision Tap was designed specifically for the touchscreen interface of the iPad. With Vision Tap, users interact directly with the software through a series of taps, swipes, and finger movements, leading to a more immersive and productive experience.

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Vision Therapy Upgrades

Vision Tap features additional procedures and settings only available to Vision Therapy providers and their patients. This content can be unlocked from within Vision Tap after purchasing one of the Vision Therapy upgrades.

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Vision Therapy Providers

Vision Therapy Providers have full access to the Vision Therapy Office Upgrade, as well as the ability to allow patients to purchase the Vision Therapy Home Upgrade. Register now and start your free trial.


Interested in Vision Therapy?

If you believe you or someone you know may benefit from Vision Therapy, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam, and discuss Vision Therapy and Vision Tap with your doctor.

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Procedure Variety

Vision Tap features procedures that target a variety of vision-related areas, including saccades, tracking, reaction time, eye-hand coordination, visual memory, vergences, and more. The iPad's touch interface creates a level of interaction not possible with traditional vision software, allowing for procedures that can target multiple areas at once and sustain the user's attention.

Fully Customizable

Each procedure in Vision Tap includes a number of customizable settings. Some of these settings include the ability to change the procedure length, target size, target location, flash duration, and difficulty. Additional settings for each procedure are available for Vision Therapy providers and patients. Vision Tap also supports multiple user accounts, meaning that settings don't have to be changed each time a new user is selected.

Easily Track Progress

With Vision Tap, it is easy to track each user's progress over time for any given procedure. In addition to graphs showing the overall progress of a user, it possible to filter those results to show only the results that occured under a specific combination of procedure settings. With one tap, you can export any results as a PDF file attached to an email.