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Vision Tap 1.3 Released for iPad

Vision Tap 1.3 is now available, with multiple new procedures, including two vergence procedures for Vision Therapy upgrades, a new playlist mode, and enhanced user functionality. Check the App Store from your iPad to update.

Release Notes

Added 4 New Procedures:

  • Directional Tiles: Quickly swipe in the direction the arrow is pointing, then move on to the next tile.
  • Ordered Tiles: Find and tap the tiles in a specific order, depending on how the procedure is configured.
  • Scanning Tiles: Scan the board and tap all of the tiles that match the tile on the right. Once all the tiles have been tapped, new tiles will appear along with a new target.
  • Tilted: The user must tilt the device to move around the screen and collect targets, while avoiding a rapidly increasing number of enemies.

Other Improvements:

  • The three new tile procedures can be combined with a metronome, requiring the user to tap or swipe along with the beat of the metronome.
  • Playlists: Users can now create, edit, and share playlists, which are customized and ordered lists of procedures. Instead of choosing and configuring procedures each time, you can now create a playlist of specific procedures, and then play through that playlist repeatedly.
  • User Customization: User accounts can now be customized with a color and unique drawing. Tap and hold on a user from the home screen to edit that user.
  • New Home Screen: Pick a mode to begin, or choose to create a new playlist or view your progress. Easily add, edit, and switch users from the new home screen.
  • Various other improvements and fixes.

Vision Therapy Changes

Two Additional Procedures:

  • Vergence Steps: 3 targets appear on screen, each with a slightly increased vergence demand than the previous target. Each target will have a center shape, that will appear to be either behind, even with, or in front of the outer target.
  • Manual Vergences: Select a target type and size, and then manually control the vergence demand by tapping or pinching on the screen. Tap on the top/bottom part of the screen to increase/decrease the target size, or tap on the right/left side of the screen to increase/decrease the vergence demand. You can also use a pinch gesture with two fingers to rapidly increase or decrease the vergence demand.

Other Improvements:

  • Multiple new features have been added to the Provider section of the website. If you are a registered Vision Therapy Provider, log in to see the new features and improvements.
  • If you are a Vision Therapy Provider and you haven’t yet registered, visit the website to register as a provider and start a free trial, or register from the app by going to Settings -> Unlock Additional Content -> Vision Therapy -> Provider Access.