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Vision Tap 1.4 Released for iPad

Vision Tap 1.4 features a completely new look for iOS 7, including a new navigation structure to make it easier to switch between modes. Each mode (and the Settings menu) can now be accessed from the bottom tab bar at any time. The Home Screen now displays news and shortcuts to many common actions, in addition to the User selection view.

Vision Tap now has two color themes: dark and light. You can switch between the two at any time through the Settings Menu. The new light theme can be especially useful for Vision Therapy users with certain types of anaglyph glasses.

What’s New in Vision Tap 1.4

General Changes:

  • Updated for iOS 7
  • Redesigned the navigation structure to make switching between modes far easier

Procedure Changes:

  • Tilted: Now supports both landscape orientations
  • Matching Tiles: Card Flip has been renamed to Matching Tiles
  • Matching Tiles: Redesigned to match other tile-based procedures
  • Matching Tiles: Added icons that can be used as the targets
  • Matching Tiles: Added support for a larger board (6×6)
  • Scanning Tiles: Added icons that can be used as the targets

Vision Therapy Changes:

  • Added a light theme. You can changed the theme by going into Settings -> Default Colors. Depending on what type of glasses are being used, you may want to change the background color and color intensity for each lense.
  • Vergence Steps: Added an indicator icon that is used when an incorrect answer is entered. The correct action for that target will flash before changing the vergence demand.