Vision Therapy

Vision Tap features additional procedures and settings specifically designed for use in Vision Therapy programs. Access to this content is restricted to Vision Therapy providers and their patients.

Provider Access

Vision Therapy providers have access to the Vision Therapy Office Edition, as well as the ability to allow patients to purchase the Vision Therapy Home Edition. Register now and start your free trial.


Patient Access

Patients can only upgrade to the Vision Therapy Home Edition after being given a unique access code by their Vision Therapy provider. If you are currently enrolled in a Vision Therapy program, talk to your provider about Vision Tap.

New to Vision Therapy?

Looking for more information on Vision Therapy? If you believe you or someone you know may benefit from Vision Therapy, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam, and discuss Vision Therapy and Vision Tap with your doctor.

More Information

Additional Settings

Vision Therapy upgrades grant users access to additional settings for each procedure. The most common settings involve supporting and controlling the use of colored anaglyph glasses. Every procedure supports some form of color cancellation, including the ability to target both eyes, just one eye, a combination of both, or a randomized color for each target. In addition, the contrast level of targets can be set for each procedure.

Additional Procedures

In addition to the procedures that make up the standard version of Vision Tap, the Vision Therapy upgrades for Vision Tap feature three additional procedures, including two vergence procedures that can be controlled either automatically or manually.

Total Control

With Vision Tap, you can control exactly what your patient does in the app. It is possible to restrict patient access to a specific procedure, or even to a specific setting of some procedures. You can also take advantage of Vision Tap Playlists by creating a custom playlist of procedures tailored to a patient's specific needs. Sharing these playlists is as simple as sending an email.